HUAWEI P50 Pro – Legend Reborn

Published: July 31, 2021
Credit: By Team Algulf

Huawei launched new model of P50 Pro phone with Kirin 9000 5G processor – latest news from UAE

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The Chinese giant company recently announced the P50 series of phones, which was launched with the Kirin 9000 and Snapdragon 888 processor chips with the function of connecting only to 4G networks, and a new report confirmed Huawei’s plans to launch a to launch new model of P50 Pro phone with Kirin 9000 5G processor.

The Colorful World in Your Hand
The 6.6 inch screen⁠1 has been individually tuned to show you a true-to-life world. Supporting 120 Hz screen refresh rate⁠2 and 300 Hz touch sampling rate⁠9, it offers a smooth viewing experience.

Excellence Exceeds Expectations
The P50 Pro has a 6.6-inch curved OLED display, a screen resolution of 2700 by 1228 pixels, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch speed of 300 Hz. The P50 Pro has a 50 megapixel main sensor, a 40 megapixel sensor, a 13 megapixel sensor with wide viewing angles, a 64 megapixel telephoto lens and the phone also comes with a 13 megapixel camera sensor on the front.

The HUAWEI XD Optics empowers smartphone photography with better clarity while the upgraded HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro image engine helps to reproduce comprehensive image details. The main camera matrix shows you a world of true colour and the SuperZoom matrix is able to capture images in beautiful clarity, from near or far, wide or close-in.

Wet? So What!
IP68⁠3 rated for splash, water, and dust resistance

Confident and Cool
The 5 nm flagship chipset brings superior performance in data processing, multi-tasking and response time, while the 3D Graphene Liquid Cooling System ensures fast and stable heat dissipation.

Hear What You See
Immerse yourself in the powerful all-round sound from the dual stereo speakers. HUAWEI Histen customises sound effects for different scenarios, so you always feel like you’re part of the scene, whether you’re playing games or watching videos.

Shortcuts to Your Apps
Interact with your apps in a radically new way. Put your favourites apps in the Smart Folder and open any of them by directly clicking on the icon. Easy to find, quick to open.

More Ways to Get the Files You Want
With the new Distributed File System, you can get instant access to your phone documents or photos through your laptop. Open, view and enjoy, all without a single cable⁠15.

Watch It Here

The all new HUAWEI P50 Series – (SMART, SWIFT &  SAFE)

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