Apple Released The Gorgeous New Purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini

Updated: Apr 28, 2021,12:40pm
Apple iPhone: All You Need To Know About The New Purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini

Courtesy: David Phelan
David Phelan Senior Contributor
Consumer Tech


1. The color purple

There, now you know the iPhone’s secret. That’s the only way it’s different from any other iPhone 12 handset. But, you know what? That’s enough to be a head-turner in itself.
Apple is a genius with color and knows what works and what doesn’t. The iPhone 11 came in purple, so this is the same, right?

2. It really catches the eye

As you move it in the light, it glints and gleams, looking more mauve in brighter situations, more violet in the shadows. The reason it’s not a darker shade, I think, is it would be hard to recognize, would blend into looking black in lower light. Whatever light you’re in, you can’t miss the color.

3. Two sizes

This year’s iPhone, that is, the models without Pro in their names, come in two sizes, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. The fact that Apple made two sizes of the new purple one is like the company is thumbing its nose at those who said the mini was a failure just because it wasn’t the very best seller of the group.

4. The new shape works better than last year

The iPhone 12 series have sharp edges, unlike the iPhone 11’s curves. Which means that although the display is the same size (6.1in) as last year, the new iPhone is noticeably smaller. Of course, I knew this last October, but seeing two iPhones in similar colors side by side brings the difference home. Oh, and those flatter edges make the aluminum frame look even smarter.

5. And then there’s the OLED

Good point. Unlike the 326 pixels per inch of LCD on the iPhone 11, this has an OLED screen with a higher resolution. In fact, the iPhone 12 mini has the highest-resolution iPhone display ever. It’s identical to the ones Apple released last fall but it looks just great.


6. That Apple attention to detail

Two final things about about the new purple iPhone make it leap out at you. First, the Apple logo is color-matched. It’s not silver, it’s purple and it looks fantastic.

Secondly, the socket for the Lightning cable. Angle the phone just right, peep inside and you’ll see the housing on the inside is perfectly color-matched to the aluminum outside, as well. This is an Apple specialty from the iPhone XR onwards, and it’s a delightful detail.







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